Tips for Decorating Any Space

Using Home Decor Accessories to Add Style and Personality

dreamstime_xxl_20943127Nothing adds more personality to a room than those special little touches of accessories and decor. With the right lighting here in this corner, or the perfect wall clock over there, you can transform any room from bland to brilliant. Or, on the other hand, the wrong home decor just doesn’t convey the warm welcome that you had envisioned. Many times homeowners are left scratching their heads after placing what they thought was the perfect decor and finding that is just doesn’t work. This is more common than you would think.

We’ve got the decorating tips that can take your home from the everyday to the elegant (without the extravagance).

  • Watch your proportions – Wrong-sized items don’t look quaint or larger-than-life; they simply look wrong. That tiny wall clock? It looks out of place on most living area walls. That giant rug that runs under every piece of furniture? It comes off as imposing rather than comfortable. Before shopping for accessories, take the time to measure your spaces to ensure that proper scale and proportions are adhered to.
  • Mix it up– Gone are the days where the rugs matched the drapes. By combining differing textures and colors, you’ll add character and interest to any indoor space. Try what you would normally considering contradicting patterns and textures to blend them in interesting ways. Make it easy to swap out those items you get tired of by keeping your furniture and fixtures to a more neutral pallet and let your accessories and decor be your “pops of color”. You’ll be able to change it up with every season without major hits to your budget.
  • Layer them on – Large, small, sleek, rustic, vintage, modern. They can all combine to create the ambiance that is uniquely beautiful to your home. Start with larger items such as wall art and rugs and work towards smaller tchotchkes to avoid adding too much decor to a room (its a real thing) and creating a space that clashes more than complements.
  • Go asymmetrical – Once upon a time in a bland and uninspired world, interior designers all believed in the myth of mirroring decor, keeping item arrangements on mantels and furniture tops in symmetrical order. That myth has been destroyed by good taste and whimsy. Mix up your displays by confusing the heights and keeping the eye busy and interested.
  • Choose quality – Just like when choosing men, your home decor should be considered very carefully. “Quality over quantity,” Mom always said. ¬†Apply that same good advice to your interior design scheme by always opt for that piece that will not only be a conversation starter but fills you with delight every time.

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