5 Must-Have Statement Pieces for your Patio

Having an outdoor patio at your house is a luxury. If you’re lucky enough to have a deck in your backyard, then you should take the time to make it nice so you can enjoy it. If you’re careful about finding décor that compliments the space, then it can also be a great place to entertain guests and soak up the sun.

Often times, homeowners will focus on updating the inside of their home and forget to give any attention to the outside. Giving your patio some love will boost the resale value of your home and, in the meantime, create an extra spot for you and your family to unwind. See five must-have statement pieces for your patio that will help you kick back and relax in style.

Tiered Solar Water Fountain

Purchasing a water fountain is a small addition that can make a big difference. This solar powered two-tiered foundation with LED lights is just one example of how a water feature can add instant luxury to your yard or garden. The best part is that this particular fountain can also run on battery power when set to the on position!

Water features are great for creating a peaceful and soothing environment. They can make you feel like you’re on vacation in your own backyard. Take a look at this wishing well for your garden or patio. With this piece, you can hear the sound of water without having to go to the beach. An electric pump allows water to recirculate through the fountain itself, making it self-contained. Amazing!

Wall Water Fountains

If you’re tight on space or don’t like the look of a larger waterfall, then think about adding a wall water fountain instead. They are the perfect touch of elegance and beauty. By installing a wall water fountain, you’ll still get the sound of falling water, but it doesn’t take up as much real estate as the fountain.

This particular wall water fountain is made of Polystone. This material feels like porcelain to the touch, and has an incredible ability to capture the minutest detail, as you can see. The wrought iron border is simply stunning. Wall water fountains easily mount against any surface using a sturdy hook, screw, or nail, so they’re a great DIY project too!

Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Hammered Copper Fire Pit-1
Who doesn’t love a night by an outdoor fire pit with friends and good music? Adding a fire pit to your patio is definitely worth the investment and cost. Lucky for you, Décor Nexus has affordable and stylish fire pits that are sure to make a statement. This wood burning fire pit is made of a gorgeous hammered copper and includes a screen poker and outdoor cover.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and simpler then you might like a portable wood burning pit. This way you can bring the fun with you wherever you go! Don’t underestimate all the use you’ll get out of a nice fire pit, think grilling food, roasting s’mores, campfires and much more. What are you waiting for?!

Fireplaces are great for the fall! Believe it or not, it’s time to start decorating for the new season. Check out the blog, Cozy Little House, for additional home décor and creative living ideas. These suggestions are sure to spark some inspiration!

Outdoor Rug

Rainforest-Ultra-Durable-Braided-Rugs-Indoor-Outdoor-Stain-Proof-RectangleRugs are great décor pieces that are often underrated and forgotten. I’m here to convince you otherwise. Rugs enhance the appearance of indoor and outdoor floors and space. They add color, beauty and warmth to any room or patio. Check out this gorgeous double-braided rainforest rug by Décor Nexus. The price is right and they resist stains from food, pets, and liquids, while adding color, texture and interest to all your living spaces.

You can use these rugs indoor or outdoor. The rug in the video below is from the Homespice Décor Ultra Durable Line. Check out the video above to see why you need to have this rug in your home. There are so many benefits that it’s best you see for yourself!

Bold Patio Furniture

Mezzo Round
This bold patio table by Allegro Classics is a modern spin on outdoor patio furniture. It’s the perfect size for fitting a lot of people around the table to enjoy a meal or a drink. The height is unique and the wicker dressing on the legs give this table some character. Adding plants is a great way to accessorize and stylize the space around your patio and furniture.

It’s important to take care of your outdoor furniture so it stays cozy, comfortable and stylish. Check out the blog, Room For Improvements, to see easy steps you can take to clean and maintain your beautiful outdoor furniture. We love this patio furniture set! The wicker furniture is large, dark and has padded benches. There’s a mezzo round table in the middle with a glass top. A very comfortable and chic way to decorate your back patio.


Your backyard deserves just as much love as the interior of your home. We’ve outlined some pieces you can implement that are both practical and impressive. Pick one or two that caught your attention and see how simple décor statements can transform your patio from drab to fab in no time.

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